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SPACE ART: Apollo 15 Ejects Sub-Satellite into Lunar Orbit


(Above) This is a 1971 artist’s concept showing TRW’s small lunar sub-satellite being ejected into lunar orbit from the SIM bay of the Apollo 15 Service Module.

The 80 pound satellite remained in lunar orbit returning data from August 1971 to January 1973. Its main objectives were to study the plasma, particle, and magnetic field environment of the Moon and map the lunar gravity field. Specifically it measured plasma and energetic particle intensities and vector magnetic fields, and facilitated tracking of the satellite velocity to high precision. A basic requirement was that the satellite acquire fields and particle data everywhere on the orbit around the Moon.

A virtually identical sub-satellite was also deployed by Apollo 16

SPACE ART: Apollo 15 Command Module EVA


(Above) This is an artist’s concept of the Apollo 15 Command/Service Modules, showing two crewmen performing a new Apollo extravehicular activity.

The figure at left represents Astronaut Alfred M. Worden, Command Module (CM) pilot, connected by an umbilical tether to the CM. At right, a figure representing Astronaut James B. Irwin, Lunar Module pilot, stands at the open CM hatch. Worden is working with the panoramic camera in the Scientific Instrument Module (SIM). Behind Irwin is the 16mm data acquisition camera.

Amazing Hi-Resolution Apollo 15 Surface Panorama




Features: Apollo 15 Lunar Module,  Hadley Delta,  Mons Hadley, Swann Hills

Full Size Image is 2.8 MB

VIDEO: Apollo 15 Deploying the Lunar Rover

Apollo 15 crew (Scott and Irwin) deploying the Lunar Rover on the Moon  July, 1971.

Note: Video has no sound and was sped up for time.


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