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Iconic Images: STS-8 Launch Delay


(Above) Mission Operations Director Gene Kranz reacts to news of a delay in the launch of Challenger on August 30, 1983. This scene was recorded in the mission operations control room (MOCR) of JSC’s mission control center.

FAST FACTS: STS-8 was the third flight of Space Shuttle Challenger, and the eighth shuttle flight. It conducted the first night launch and night landing.

VIDEO: Thanksgiving With the Kranzes

“We landed a man on the moon, we’ve gotta be able to figure out how to save a turkey. Take-Out is not an Option!”

Thanksgiving With the Kranzes: A parody of Ron Howard’s Apollo 13 that wonders what Thanksgiving might be like at Gene Kranz’s (Ed Harris from Apollo 13) house, especially when things go terribly, but familiarly wrong.


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