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VIDEO: The 2008 Space Debate w/ Walter Cunningham & Lori Garver

Apollo 7 Astronaut Walter Cunningham representing Senator McCain, and former NASA Associate Administrator Lori Garver, representing Senator Obama squared off in a Presidential Space Policy Debate back in August of 2008 at The University of Colorado.

This debate is worth a re-watch as the entire NASA human space flight program is now under review by the Obama Administration.

Obama’s 2010 budget shows a massive decrease in the  total amount of funding available through 2020 for human space exploration. Funding for exploration (2010-2020) nose dived from $108 billion to only $81.5 billion.

VIDEO: The Future of NASA – Senate Committee Hearing

In November of 2003 witnesses testified about the future of space flight operations and lessons learned from the Space Shuttle Columbia accident. Among the topics addressed were alternative space exploration programs, the mission of NASA, and changing the working culture of NASA.

This 2003 Senate committee hearing is an interesting view as it shows how the the Vision for Space Exploration came to be and NASA’s thinking at the time.

Programing Highlights: Dr. Robert Zubrin the creator of Mars Direct, a relatively low-cost plan for a manned mission to Mars using current rocket technology gives testimony.


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