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Video: Senate Commerce Hearing on NASA FY 2011 Budget

The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation’s Science and Space Subcommittee held this hearing on the Challenges and Opportunities in the NASA FY 2011 Budget Proposal.

Witness Panel 1:

  1. Charles Bolden , NASA

Witness Panel 2:

  1. Robert “Hoot” Gibson, Astronaut (Retired)
  2. Michael J. Snyder, Aerospace Engineer
  3. Miles O’Brien, Journalist and host “This Week in Space”
  4. A. Thomas Young, Lockheed Martin Corporation (Retired)

Congressional Legislators Allege NASA, Obama In Violation Of Law


Read the “cease-and-desist” letter 27 Members of Congress sent to NASA Administrator Bolden.


Congressman Bill Posey (R-Rockledge) released the following statement in response to the Obama Administration’s notice today that it is cancelling Kennedy Space Center’s Exploration Ground Launch Services (EGLS) contract:

“Administration’s unilateral decision to cancel contracts associated with the Constellation program, absent Congressional consent is a direct violation of the law and of Congressional intent,” said Congressman Posey.

“The President’s budget request represents a significant retreat from human space flight and a departure from his promise to close the gap and keep the United States first in space. The President’s budget has not been approved by the Congress. Congress has not directed the Administration to cancel the Constellation program in fact it has done just the opposite in recent legislation.

“Now we learn that the Administration is moving ahead with terminating Constellation without Congressional approval. I am informed that NASA has formed teams to wind down Constellation projects and that NASA is cancelling the EGLS procurement process for Constellation at Kennedy Space Center. This could be as many as 1,500 additional jobs that will be lost at KSC.

“The Consolidated Appropriations for Fiscal Year 2010 expressly prohibits the ‘termination or elimination of any program, project or activity of the architecture for the Constellation program.’ Moreover, indications that NASA is not properly allocating funds intended for Constellation is worrisome and in direct violation of the legislation that Congress passed and that has been signed into law. The unilateral decisions by the Administration are likely in direct violation of the Impoundment Control Act.

“Today I joined 26 of my colleagues from both parties in sending a strong message to NASA to halt any actions damaging to Constellation and reiterating the central role of elected legislators in authorizing and funding the future of human space flight.

“It is truly disappointing that our space program lacks leadership and vision. If current trends are allowed to continue, we risk reverting to pre-1961 status, having no human space flight program.”

VIDEO: NASA Admin Charlie Bolden Meets With Reporters

NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden met with reporters at the Kennedy Space Center press site to discuss the agency’s new direction, Constellation, and Sunday’s scheduled launch of space shuttle Endeavour.

Endeavour’s STS-130 mission to the International Space Station is set to begin Sunday with a liftoff from Kennedy’s Launch Pad 39A at 4:39 a.m. Eastern.

NASA Admin Charles Bolden Outlines Obama’s 2011 NASA Budget Request

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden outlines the administrations fiscal year 2011 budget request as the agency’s road map for a new era of innovation and discovery, and answers questions from reporters as the featured Newsmaker at the National Press Club in Washington.


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